Eyebrows are the frame of your face. I could leave the house without makeup, but never without filling in and defining my eyebrows; unfortunately, making them look even and as natural as possible was difficult for me, not to mention it was also very time consuming. All that ended when I took the leap of faith and scheduled with Pam for permanent eyebrow makeup. I was always frustrated with my eyebrows, but now I love them! They look natural and full. Never again have to worry about fixing them in the morning, because they are always on point! Thank you Pam for bringing life to my eyebrows!

Ana Vizcaino, 29 yrs old.

I have been searching for some time for a professional permanent makeup artist “eyebrow artist” to do my eyebrows, that I would feel sincerely and completely comfortable with! After my husband and I, visited numerous permanent makeup artist. We then met with Pam Edmonson that was charming, caring and overly professional in her job skills. Pam explained to my husband and I, the complete process of having my eyebrow done. I must honestly say that Pam is charming and as well as overly knowledgeable in the process of eyebrow permanent make up.

Her office is pleasantly comfortable and relaxing with her décor, soft music for relaxing during the process.

“If you’re searching for a caring and professional eyebrow artist visit “Pam Edmonson”. I sincerely highly recommend Pam.  it’s such a great feeling to know that the work by Pam has made me so overly-extremely pleased!

“ Thank you so sincerely Pam Edmonson.”

Gladys, Tampa

I’d like to say how happy and pleased I am with the work Pam did on my eyebrows. She did the feathering technique and they are beautiful. Every time I see them in the mirror, I think how worth it it was to get them done. It was worth every penny and they still look great after 7 months. I’m so happy I decided to get them done, and extremely happy I got Pam to do them. She’s the ultimate professional and does extraordinary work! They look fabulous and I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Elaine Ward

“​I met Pam several weeks ago at a Permanent Make Up training course. She did my eyebrows with hair strokes and they look wonderful. They are so natural looking. Having had this done previously I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the pain, but after the initial needling my eyebrows were completely numb. The procedure took about one hour. A little dark to start with but I am also a Permanent Make Up artist and knew that these would lighten up. I just wish one thing, this is Pam lived closer to me! If you are looking for a professional in this field of Micro-pigmentation and you live in the area or don’t mind traveling, Pam is your artist! Thank You Again”

Mary Ellen Prizzi


I have been obsessed with my eyebrows (or lack thereof) for years. Some days I would draw them on very well and other days not so much. Since there was always the fear that when it really gets hot one or both would melt away, my hairstyle options were limited to those that include bangs long enough to cover my brows. I examined the eyebrows of every woman I met. One day my daughter and I met a woman named Pat with the most perfect eyebrows I had ever seen and I expressed my envy to her. Imagine my surprise to find that her natural-looking (and did I mention, PERFECT?) brows were the product of Pam’s artistry! Although permanent makeup has been available for a long time, I hated the way it looked-like the eyebrows had been applied with a crayon. Pat’s brows looked real, even upon close inspection. For Christmas my lovely daughter gave me the gift of eyebrows and I am THRILLED with the results. In fact, I never think about my brows anymore because they, too, are “naturally perfect” and always there. If you’ve ever thought about having permanent makeup applied, Pam is your go-to gal. She is highly skilled and takes pride in providing her clients with a quality result. I encourage you to call her for a consultation-you’ll be so glad that you did.

Janice Edwards


​I have to write something about Pam. I don’t think she was ever a beginner in PMU. She started with so much confidence and has continued in this manner. It shows in her work. I know her clients love her because of her kindness and professionalism. I give her 5 stars of excellence.

Joyce Cirasuola – Boca Ta-2 School for Permanent Makeup

I would like you to know even though I told you when you were done that I am so happy with my Eye Liner & Eyebrows. I was scared when I first came in to have them done because years ago when I had it done the pain was awful. When you did them what a great difference and when you did the touch-up which was hardly needed , there wasn’t pain hardly at all. I would send anybody to have it done with you. I will be back once a year for my touch-ups. I have two friends coming for the winter. They will be so glad to be able to come have it done there also. I couldn’t be happier.

Eva Sautter

I am so in love with my new eyebrows! You are a masterful artist and gave me exactly what I wanted and had never been able to achieve on my own. My day at All About You was a delightful experience. You are a pro and a friend and I love you madly. See you in a few weeks. You are so good that it is worth flying from PA to get my brows done by you. Thanks again…

Patti P. Rentschler

I just want you to know how happy I am with my permanent makeup. I should have done it a long time ago but I did not know you then. You did such a good job that nobody else could have done on a 72 year young lady like myself. I am very happy in the morning when I look in the mirror and feel young!!! I am glad I met you. You did such a great job on all of my friends at Forest Lake Estates. Everyone was satisfied. Keep up the good work. One happy Customer……

Paulette Charles

I have been a very happy client of Pam’s. I came all the way from St. Louis just to have her do my permanent make-up. No one can tell I haven’t spent the time to put on my brows & liner. Great to wake up and feel half completed. I also am a hair stylist and it saves me a lot of time getting ready. The best thing is that I can run to the store and don’t feel like I have to dodge my clients because didn’t put makeup on…. I just had my touch-up done and love it even more now. If you want to save time getting ready, I would advise any women to have this done. Best Money Every Spent!!!

Marilyn Lynch

​I was one of Pam’s first customers. I could not be more pleased with the results. I recently spent the night at a friends house. She thought I got up early to put my makeup on. I told her about my permanent makeup! It is so natural looking!

Jackie Wagner

I am so happy with my eyebrows and eyeliner. It was a great experience. Thanks so much!

Nancy Emmonds

​I was very nervous having my eyeliner done. Pam was very calming and reassuring. I love my eyes and would recommend her to anyone.

Betsy Strickland

Pam did such a beautiful job on my eyebrows I could hardly wait to get the eyeliner done. It is so nice not to have to bother putting on a face each morning and to top it off there wasn’t any pain. I say don’t wait… have it done today!!

Judy Stedronsky

​If you are considering permanent makeup to enhance your facial features, Pam Edmonson at All About You Salon & Day Spa in Zephyrhills Florida is the professional PM artist you need to see. I learned about her on a visit for a hair appointment. What a great day that was. Pam was available to speak with me, and I was so impressed with the photos she shared and the modern techniques and equipment she utilizes that I made an appointment to have my eyebrows and eyeliner done. Pam is meticulous, gentle, easy-going and likable. During my session, she ensured there was no pain, that I was comfortable, informed me of each step of the process, and made sure that I was totally satisfied with my permanent makeup. I am thrilled with Pam’s artistry, especially the strokes she made in my eyebrows that look like individual hairs – amazing! It is evident that Pam loves what she does…

Phyllis Young

Pam had been doing my hair for years and when she started doing permanent makeup I had to have her do mine. She started with my eyebrows and they turned out so beautiful that I had her do my eyeliner and lips also. I’d go to Pam again in a heartbeat if I needed anything else done. What I really appreciated is that she let the numbing gel set until the area was completely numb, and if I so much as felt a little prick, she put more on. I’ve recommended her to numerous people and know that they will love her as much as I do.

Loyce Henderson

My only regret is not knowing Pam 2 years earlier. I have been wanting to do my eyebrows for that long. Pam was very informative before the procedure so I would know exactly what to expect. It all worked just as she said it did. During the procedure she explained everything she was doing as she was getting ready to do it. She periodically asked how I was doing and was very concerned for my comfort. I am very happy with my eyebrows and would not hesitate to recommend Pam to anyone who is wanting permanent makeup of any kind.

Joyce Pasco