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Reasons for Micropigmentation

  • Convenience. You just need more time.
    Sensitive skin or allergies.​
  • You may wear glasses or contact lenses or have had Lasik surgery.
    Arthritis or painful hands.
  • Difficulty applying makeup or you don’t like the way it smears or dissapears.
  • Aging changes in brows, lips, and eyes.
    Active outdoor lifestyles.
  • If you like a natural “no makeup” look.
  • Hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery.

About Pam Edmonson

I am currently co-owner of Serenity Salon & Spa Suites LLC and am totally in love with my profession. After many years of running a successful business in the manufactured housing industry I decided at the age of 46 to start a whole new career! I attended cosmetology school in 2009 and Permanent Makeup School in 2010. I have always been one of those people who is all about the detail and I love to be creative.

I have always believed in keeping up with continued education but one of my favorite classes was the Brow Masters course in Gainesville Florida in May of 2014. It was a course with training on Micro-blading which at the time was very new to the industry. The instructors were the top in the industry and I am incredibly grateful to them for all that I learned. I have also attended many classes in the cosmetology industry and well as a Micro-needling course by Dr. Lance Setterfield.

Permanent Makeup has become so important to me because of how it makes people feel about themselves. For someone to be able to wake up in the morning and have eyebrows and liner is a pretty incredible feeling and to know that I had a part in it is amazing! My clients tell me all the time how they are thrilled to have had the procedure done and how it has changed their lives. I feel that God has given me a special talent to create beautiful Micro-blade brows as they are done by hand and the healed results are very natural looking. I have had great results in Scalp Therapy for hair growth and I still love to do Haircuts & Styles!

Here’s What People Have To Say:

” My mother and I can’t express how phenomenal Pam is.  We came in for a free consultation to discuss with Pam a very bad job that was done on our eyebrows by another person. Pam is very knowledgeable and we clearly saw that she has a tone of experience by seeing her amazing portfolio.   After the consultation we felt very confident that she was going to be able to correct both of our issues.  We came back a week later to have our eyebrows redone and this time was a total success. We can’t thank Pam enough for making our brows look great again. We highly recommend Pam if you are looking for any type of permanent makeup. Pam  is very professional , caring, gentle, and very HONEST. “
Sandra and Edi From Wesley Chapel
“If you’re thinking about permanent makeup…look no further, Pam is the best of the best!  I had microblading done to my eyebrows while in Albany, NY and became very unhappy with the results. When I moved to Florida I started my research to find a professional, and came across Pam. During my consultation, we went over what I wanted to correct and what results I can expect. I couldn’t be happier-Pam is a true artist- with a very big heart. Recently, I had my lips done by Pam and the results are amazing! I just put lip-gloss on and go, I love it!!!  Thank you, Pam, for not only making me smile but making me feel beautiful “
Jeanine Miller

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